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The industry first steering wheel to use a fixed keyboard system to prevent keyboards from turning together with the steering wheel (patented technology).

The functions which can be controlled directly from the steering wheel are limitless: every command can "migrate" from its current position directly to the keypads integrated into the steering wheel.

The system is designed to connect to any CAN - RS485 - RS232, digital I/O, and is geared for further expansion depending on the customer’s specific needs.

Our patented system guarantees multiple innovations at the same time:

  • It allows the steering wheel to turn while keeping the keyboard in a fixed position, making it possible for the pilot to interact with the buttons quickly, practically and safely and keeping them from turning together with the steering wheel.
  • It enable users to connect the steering wheel and the boat using a CAN/BUS cable. As it does not require a wireless connection, it ensures the arrival of extremely secure and reliable electrical signals from the steering wheel itself, making it possible to control sensitive functions, such as motor speed and cruise control, as well as trim control, radio, flaps, ballasts, and all those functions whose controls are currently located on the dashboard of the boat.
  • The keyboards are directly connected to the battery of the boat and therefore they will never run out of charge, unlike independent keyboards using wireless connections.