This is the slogan which best suits the spirit which characterises the work of the ISOTTA team.

The company was formed in 1991 thanks to the determination of a group of founding members who had already been involved professionally in the production of accessories for motor vehicles for some time.
Immediately, their objective was to establish a high target for quality and an innovative design. Before long, the ISOTTA brand became a point of reference for tuning enthusiasts.
Currently the brand is distributed in more than 50 countries and is constantly growing.
The planning and design, like the entire production process, take place almost entirely in Italy in our plants in Ferrara and Rovigo.

Thanks to the enthusiastic collaboration of our planners and designers, and with the aid of state-of-the-art technological systems, new products, solutions and cutting edge designs are developed day after day. Trials are carried out with innovative materials and existing ones are tested and improved.
The qualitative and design characteristics our products possess make them unique and instantly recognisable. Our customers do not value their flamboyance, because it is not necessary. The ISOTTA articles in themselves communicate our passion.

The care, attention and professionalism of Italian labour are undoubtedly key factors.
Once again, in this instance they lead to extremely high and uncompromising standards of quality.
Nothing is left to chance.
The careful precision mechanical production and treatment of hides which has not forsaken its traditional methods result in the unmistakeable image of the ISOTTA brand and its products.
Our marketing and sales department is made up of young, enterprising professionals, young men and women who, on a daily basis, take care of relationships with our agents and distributors, and even with individual users and enthusiasts. People who know how to listen and who continuously communicate our philosophy and our passion. The ISOTTA brand is always present at leading trade fair events, as well as in top industry journals and show cars.
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